New Zealand Migration - Philippa Werry

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'In a country inhabited for a mere thousand years, everyone is an immigrant or a descendant of an immigrant.' - Michael King

With six books now published, The NZ Series is a valuable non-fiction resource for general readers and schools, introducing complex subjects in simple, concise terms. In this seventh volume, Philippa Werry recounts the stories and experience of migration to Aotearoa - from the first Polynesian arrivals to the Dawn Raids, from the New Zealand Company to ten-pound Poms, from Dutch and Dalmatian refugees to today's Asian Kiwi communities. Extensive illustrations, fact boxes and personal experiences bring to life an immigrant nation from a range of perspectives. New Zealand Migration will make an excellent introduction for understanding our migrant nation.

‘I hope New Zealand Migration will contribute to greater understanding of our shared past, present and future,’ Philippa says.



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