Te Tonic Cocktail Collection 6 infuser, 3 aromas

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Enjoy the most famous cocktails with the Nanopack Cocktail Collection: Cosmopolitan, Margarita and Daikiri Peach.

With an exclusive mix of exotic ingredients, we have created the perfect infuser for vodka, tequila and rum pairing.

Re-discover the most famous cocktails with the aromas and sensations of the Cocktail Collection.

To prepare a Cosmo, a Margarita or a Daikiri Peach is so easy!!!

Delicious cocktails, smooth taste with lots of nuances to discover… a perfect combination of ingredients, a mixture of fruits and exotic flowers with sensual and tropical notes.

  • Cosmopolitan: red berries, citrus, a mild bouquet for vodka pairing.
  • Margarita: citrus boost mixed with your favourite tequila.
  • Daikiri Peach: smooth and sparkling, perfect for white rum pairing.

Nanopack Cocktail Collection case contains 6 pyramids, 2 per aroma; you will prepare the most famous cocktails in the easiest way.

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