My Friend Anne Frank - Hannah Pick-Goslar

My Friend Anne Frank - Hannah Pick-Goslar

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The Inspiring and Heartbreaking True Story of Best Friends Torn Apart and Reunited Against All Odds

    In this moving memoir, Bergen-Belsen survivor Hannah Pick-Goslar shares incredibly powerful words on the final untold portrait of her childhood friend, Anne Frank.


    'Heartbreaking and life-affirming' - Edith Eger, bestselling author of The Choice

    'An extraordinary story of love, loss and the power of friendship in the darkest time.' - Jack Fairweather, Costa prizewinning author of The Volunteer

    'As a girl I witnessed the world I loved crumble and vanish, destroyed by senseless hatred, and with it, my best friend Anne.'

    When five-year-old Hannah Pick-Goslar and her family fled Nazi Germany to live in Amsterdam, she soon struck up a friendship with a precocious, outspoken and fun-loving girl named Anne Frank. For several blissful years, the girls were inseparable, navigating school, boys and coming of age.

    Then, one day in 1942, the two best friends' lives were about to change forever. As the Nazi occupation intensified, Anne and the Frank family vanished. As Hannah puzzled over the fate of her friend, hoping she was safe, her own family's fate began to unfold: they were captured and taken to Westerbork transit camp, before being transported to Bergen-Belsen.

    Amid horrific conditions and surrounded by death, Hannah heard astonishing news about her dear friend and risked her life to help her.

    In an incredible memoir of hope, strength and defiance, Hannah's story of survival against all odds is testament to the enduring power of friendship, love and remembering.




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