My Book of Horses and Ponies A Fact-Filled Guide to Your Equine Friends - DK

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An exciting first guide for children passionate about horses!

Saddle up and get ready to explore the magnificent world of horses!

Do you dream about riding a horse and want to know more about them? Would you like to learn how to look after a horse, what kit to use, or enter the world of equestrian sports? Discover the secrets of gorgeous horses and ponies in this fun, lively book.

Read all about favourite breeds from Shire horse to Shetland pony, find out about horses and ponies from around the globe, and be amazed by their beautiful colourings and patterns. Filled with stunning photographs, simple illustrations, and fantastic facts, this book features all the information a child would need to know about these wonderful animals, including their gaits - from trotting to galloping, horse families, and why horse-riding is good for you.

My Book of Horses and Ponies is an engaging, informative children's book that will captivate curious minds. Young equine enthusiasts will be excited to read this wonderful treasury of horses and ponies.


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