Moonlight Riders Collection - Linda Chapman

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Harness the power of the elements with the Moonlight Riders! A brand-new series for young readers from bestselling author Linda Chapman, author of MY SECRET UNICORN and UNICORN ACADEMY.

Could you be a True Rider?

Moonlight Stables is a very special stables – it's not only a wonderful riding school but it's also home to eight beautiful elemental horses. The elemental horses may look like ordinary ponies most of the time but they can transform into a stunning magical form whenever they choose.

Each horse wields a different power over the elements and each chooses a girl or boy to bond with, someone who can help them control their power. But being chosen is only the start of the Moonlight Riders and their elemental horses' adventures, there are trials and challenges to complete, not to mention an evil night rider who wants to sabotage Moonlight Stables and take the elemental horses' power for herself…

Fire Horse - When Amara started riding at the Moonlight Stables Riding School she never expected that the ponies there could do magic! Rose can harness the strength of earth, Tide has the abilities of water, and Ember has fire power! Amara is delighted when her favourite pony, Ember chooses her to be his True Rider, but she has a lot to learn. Can she help Ember to master his powers and protect him from the evil Night Riders and their dangerous elemental ponies?

Storm Stallion - Amara is thrilled when her best friend Kalini joins the Moonlight Stables Riding School. But Kalini doesn't know the meadow ponies secret - they have magical powers! When a strange storm causes havoc in the town and Amara and the other True Riders suspect the Night Riders are behind it, Amara is forced to keep more secrets from Kalini and the friends fall out. But when the bad weather is discovered to be caused by a scared Storm Horse, Kalini might just be key to helping rescue it...

Petal Pony - When a huge storm damages the stables, Jill is worried that she'll have to close down the Moonlight Stables Riding School - permanently! Amara and the other True Riders are determined to not let that happen, and with the help of their elemental horses they set about to raise the money needed to repair the school. But on the night before their big fundraiser, Ivy storms the stables on her elemental horse and ruins all their hard work. The gang have only hours to fix the damage before their open day begins. What's worse is Rose is sick from using her earth magic to repair the stables. Can the friends find the magical flower they need to heal her and still make the fundraiser in time? The future of Moonlight Stables is in their hands!

Sea Foal The Moonlight Stables friends are spending the summer at pony camp. Rides along the beach, swimming in the sea, it's the best summer ever! It's just a shame that Zara and the Night Riders are also at camp. But when Amara and her friends find an injured foal on the beach, their summer gets much more exciting. This foal is not like other ponies, she's magic! It's up to the friends to conceal her magical secret from the rest of pony camp and the evil Night Riders. But can they find the lost sea foal a home of her own?

Snow Mare - Winter has come to Moonlight Stables and with it, the biggest competition of the year, the mounted games cup! Amara and her friends have a real shot at winning the competition but as the event nears, everything keeps going wrong! First, a mysterious fog threatens to injure Alex and Rose and then, there are sightings of a mysterious white mare running wild. When the friends discover that Storm Stables are the only team not effected, their suspicions are high. Can they prove Storm Stables are behind the mystery and can they stop them sabotaging the competition?



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