Mind-Blowing Kusudama Origami - Byriah Loper

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Discover the intricate world of modular Kusudama paper folding!

Kusudama are elaborate geodesic spheres assembled from many small folded pieces of paper. They were originally used to hold incense in Japanese Buddhist temples. Modern Kusudama consist of dozens of colourful papers folded and fitted together to form ornate spherical sculptures.

In this exciting new book, master paper folder Byriah Loper presents 30 of his own original and spectacular Kusudama creations, including:

  • Capstone: a spiky sphere resembling a sea urchin
  • Ortygia: an unusual cube-shaped Kusudama
  • Shakespeare: an elaborate model resembling a ball of flowers
  • Trallia: a ball with petal-like projections that looks like a huge chrysanthemum
  • Plus many other incredible models!

Assembling Kusudama is an exciting challenge, however Loper's clear diagrams and detailed, step-by-step photos and instructions make the art accessible to anyone even if you have no prior origami paper folding experience. And the astonishing finished pieces are well worth the effort!


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