Mexico in Your Kitchen: Favourite Homestyle Recipes - Mely Martinez

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Enjoy traditional Mexican recipes from best-selling author of The Mexican Home Kitchen in a cookbook that will remind you of home and expand your culinary repertoire.

Highly acclaimed Mexican cuisine specialist Mely Martinez provides traditional Mexican recipes in Mexico in Your Kitchen, a cookbook that will remind you of home while simultaneously expanding your culinary repertoire.

Starting her cooking journey from childhood, Mely Martínez has rooted her expertise in family and culture. With her acclaimed cookbook The Mexican Home Kitchen, she successfully transported her fragrant flashbacks into the homes and kitchens of fans around the world. Mely continues her journey by capturing even more of her flavorful recipes in Mexico in Your Kitchen, including authentic dishes inspired by the states of Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Veracruz, Puebla, Estado de México, Tabasco, and Yucatán. In every section, she invites you to experience the taste of Mexico, providing tips and stories that will fill your hearts just as much as your stomachs.

Specialized for the home cook, Mexico in Your Kitchen includes a varied collection of easy-to-follow recipes filled with accessible and fresh ingredients. With an unintimidating approach to authentic Mexican cuisine, Mely includes dishes such as:
Birria (popular shredded beef stew in ancho pepper broth)
Sincronizadas (flour tortilla-based quesadilla)
Gorditas (masa and stuffed cheese)
Tacos al Pastor (pork shoulder tacos)
Espegueti con pobiano (spaghetti with cream and poblano peppers)
Tamales de Hoja de Platano (tamales wrapped in banana leaves)
Ensalada de nopales (nopales salad)
Pan de elote (corn bread)
Sopa de Conchitas (tomato soup with shell pasta)
Caldo de Camerón (shrimp soup)
and many more!
Paired with beautifully photographed dishes, Mexico in Your Kitchen brings more of the rich aromas and flavors of Mexico to your home.



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