Metalbird Huia

Metalbird Huia

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The last accepted sighting of this incredible wattlebird with the striking white-tipped tail feather was in 1907. Its extinction is blamed on the loss of its ancient forest habitat and being hunted for its tail feather as a hat decoration, which became fashionable in Britain after the Duke of York wore one on a 1901 visit to New Zealand.

Maori named the Huia after its loud distress call “uia, uia, uia” or where are you?" How sadly apt. While nothing can bring back the Huia, you can celebrate it forever in your backyard.

22cm high by 34cm wide approximately 300g 

Crafted from 3mm Corten steel and designed to last a lifetime

Easy to install holding on a downwards angle simply tap the thickest end of the stake with a hammer or mallet until secure

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