Mediterranean Summer Table - Kathy Kordalis

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A collection of timeless and versatile recipes inspired by the food of the Mediterranean countries, for every day, every occasion and every appetite.

Take a journey with through your favorite flavors from the Mediterranean, with over 100 recipes influenced and inspired by the food prepared and enjoyed in France, Spain, Greece, and Italy. This is crowd-pleasing food, designed to be shared and that you will make time and time again. ALL diners are welcome at Kathy Kordalis’ table, as traditionally, the Mediterranean diet was based on mainly vegetarian meals and protein for celebrations, the perfect basis for a “flexitarian” approach. In a meal-planning section there are recommendations on how to create a meal for people with specific dietary needs. Being mindful of seasonality and food availability is important, but without it affecting your joy, because as well as providing nourishment, food should bring happiness. This super-versatile recipe collection features sauces, pickles, and ferments for the fridge and storecupboard, recipes for easy home-made breads, seasonal vegetable dishes (including salads, sides, and mains), fish plates from the sea and meat plates from the land plus deliciously indulgent sweet things. In addition, 
Mediterranean Summer Table is peppered with vignettes on key Mediterranean ingredients, from olives and olive oil to honey and saffron, to create a beautiful book for all who love to cook, and a reference to treasure and revisit time and time again.



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