Mawson in Antarctica: To the Ends of the Earth -  Joanna Grochowicz

Mawson in Antarctica: To the Ends of the Earth - Joanna Grochowicz

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Douglas Mawson is a national hero and Antarctic explorer, famous for one of the most extraordinary feats of endurance in the history of polar exploration. His amazing story is brought vividly to life in compelling narrative non-fiction by the acclaimed author of Into the White: Scott's Antarctic Odyssey, Amundsen's Way and Shackleton's Endurance.

Antarctica. Winter 1912.

Hunkering down in the windiest place on earth, eighteen young Australians eagerly await a chance to prove themselves as polar explorers and scientists. The spring sledging season will bring adventure, danger, and the discovery of new lands under the command of Douglas Mawson. But tragedy also lies in wait.

Douglas Mawson's tale is legendary, an epic struggle between one man's self-belief and the worst conditions the hostile polar environment can throw at him. His journey represents not only a feat of physical endurance but also a triumph of the human spirit's ability to conjure hope when luck has all but run out.

Joanna Grochowicz's narrative non-fiction brings to life characters and events without skimping on historical fact. While the extensive research underpinning the book is apparent, it is the narrative voice that carries us forward. - New Zealand Review of Books



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