Marvelous Mopheads: Hydrangeas for Home & Garden - Joan Harrison

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A comprehensive growing guide to mophead hydrangea varieties available today and best practices for cultivating each.

Finally, a book just about mopheads, the most-popular hydrangeas for home gardeners. A 2021 study by the University of Tennessee Extension Service estimates more than 10 million hydrangeas are sold in the US each year. Mopheads are far and away the hydrangeas in greatest demand, accounting for 90% of sales.

New mophead varieties flood the market every year. It’s hard to keep track of them all, let alone choose the perfect one(s) for the home garden. 
Marvelous Mopheads provides a comprehensive list of mophead varieties and invaluable advice about the best mopheads, including the older tried-and-true mopheads and more-recent introductions.

The book is organized to present clear answers to frequently asked questions about
• plant selection
• color
• pruning
• indoor and outdoor placement
• potting
• feeding and fertilizing
• soil pH adjustments
• winter protection
• care instructions
• ensuring successful blooming

With over 250 photos showing off the beauty of clearly labeled varieties, the book provides comprehensive information about the wonderful world of mophead hydrangeas.



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