Marvellous Machines - Jane Wilsher

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Reveal the inner workings of the incredible machines all around us

In this eye-catching book, readers can explore the hidden inner workings of machines and inventions, from mundane objects such as toasters and bicycles, to cutting edge technologies such as pill-sized medical robots and super-fast maglev trains. Readers use the see-through ‘invention analyser’ to reveal elements hidden within – everything from wires and pipes to the magnetic and gravitational forces at work. Accompanying text explains how these machines function, how they affect our daily lives, and the physical and chemical phenomena that enable them to work.

  • Learn about mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering by exploring the inner workings of machines
  • A sturdy die-cut 'invention-analyser' adds an interactive element and enables readers to look inside the machines to see how they function
  • Includes facts about machines from everyday objects such as cars and kettles to cutting-edge engineering marvels such as maglev trains and space stations.


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