Living Big In A Tiny House: Revised Edition (2023) - Bryce Langston

Living Big In A Tiny House: Revised Edition (2023) - Bryce Langston

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This is a book about the big world of tiny houses. With housing affordability creating significant issues for many people, the tiny house movement is rapidly growing as people downsize their homes in search of a simpler, bigger life.

Over the past 10 years, author Bryce Langston has travelled the world, telling the stories of the remarkable individuals who build these wonderful, inspiring homes.  First published in 2018, this edition is fully revised and updated, and it will transport you into a world of imagination, innovation, and an alternative way of living. These are people whose homes break the mould, and their lives have all been positively impacted by the decision to build a tiny house.

This book is based on the hit YouTube show, Living Big in a Tiny House. With millions of subscribers from around the world and hundreds of millions of views, Living Big in a Tiny House is now one of the most-watched architecture shows on the planet.


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