Little Tales of Hedgehog and Goat - Paula Green & Kimberly Andrews

Little Tales of Hedgehog and Goat - Paula Green & Kimberly Andrews

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A charming illustrated chapter book for children six years and up about friendship and finding the magic in the everyday.

A delightful illustrated novel for children about a goat and a hedgehog who meet in a farm field and become best friends.

Goat has a tiny pink shed in a rolling paddock.  She likes to stand on top of the little shed and dream of meeting other goats in other paddocks.  Sometimes she looks at the sky and imagines the clouds are her friends, especially when they look like goats bouncing and bounding in their sky paddocks.  Most of the time Goat is lonely.  She wishes the family in the pink house at the top of the hill would find another goat for the paddock.  A best friend goat.

Goat is looking at the sky and dreaming of a best friend when she hears a strange squeaking coming from a ball of prickles.  It's Hedgehog, and she is crying.

This is the beginning of a most unexpected friendship.  Though Goat is a creature of the day and Hedgehog hunts at night, life in their rolling paddock will never be lonely or boring again.

Chock-full of adventure and wisdom, tall stories and tiny poems, Little Tales of Hedgehog and Goat is a charming novel about friendship and finding the magic in the every day.  It's the perfect bedtime chapter book that will be enjoyed by child and adult, and all fans of Winnie the Pooh, Wind in the Willows and Snake and Lizard.

Praise for Little Tales of Hedgehog and Goat

It’s surprising just how much meaning can be packed into little tales, as this illustrated novel (ideal for readers aged six and up) reveals.  When a hedgehog and a goat become the best of friends after meeting on a farm, the duo soon begins to relay stories of rural life with more than just a little child-friendly philosophy thrown in.



About the authors

Paula Green is one of New Zealand's most highly regarded poets, having published a number of poetry collections of her own for both adults and children and edited several anthologies.


Kimberly Andrews picture book illustrations have been widely acclaimed.   In 2019, Puffin the Architect (2018), won the Russell Clark Award for Illustration and was a finalist for Best Picture Book in the New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults.  More stories followed featuring favourite animal characters from Puffin the Architect's charming world: Hound the Detective, highly commended by Storylines and a finalist for the Best Picture Book Award in the New Zealand Book Awards for Children & Young Adults 2021, and Moose the Pilot, a Storylines Notable Picture Book 2021.



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