Life in the Shallows - Karen Denyer & Monica Peters

Life in the Shallows - Karen Denyer & Monica Peters

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How wetlands work, what lives there, and what we can do to protect them

Rich and diverse but often unloved, Aotearoa’s wetlands are the most vulnerable of our ecosystems. Only a tiny fraction of their original extent remains, and we continue to lose this vital habitat. The race is on to discover more about them while we still can. This highly illustrated and absorbing book introduces and explores the wetlands of Aotearoa through the work and experiences of our leading researchers.

It also explores the deep cultural and spiritual significance they have for Māori, and the collaboration of mātauranga Māori and western science in continuing to improve our understanding of these special places.

Featuring wetlands to visit all around the country, descriptions of the rich bird, insect and plant life that can be found there, and some of the innovative ways we can protect and restore them, Life in the Shallows is a key resource for those who want to explore, understand and care for these precious places.

All proceeds from book sales go to the National Wetland Trust to further its wetland advocacy work.



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