Lessons with Clay - Melisa Dora

Lessons with Clay - Melisa Dora

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Have you ever wanted to create your own ceramics but had no idea how to begin? Expert ceramicist Melisa Dora teaches you everything you need to know to make exquisite ceramic tableware.

Step-by-step instructions clearly outline the techniques for forming and building your pieces, throwing the clay, firing, and glazing. Explore the best practices for using clay and different glazes—and even how to make your own glazes. Discover how to reuse, recycle, and reclaim your materials. Learn tips for troubleshooting and advice for photographing and selling your finished work. Once you've mastered the techniques, use them to create mugs, plates, bowls, serving dishes, vases, and more.

Melisa Dora makes it easy for you to design and create  ceramic pieces that will adorn your home and brighten your life.


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