Large Print Wordsearch

Large Print Wordsearch

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Lay your eyes on this wonderful wordsearch collection, designed for the best readability possible.

The puzzles and solutions in this wonderful collection are presented in large-print type, making them easy on the eye and extremely enjoyable to solve. Not only will you enjoy the satisfaction of completing these puzzles - you will also expand your memory, stimulate your mind and improve your problem-solving.

With a beautiful cover design, this collection makes a wonderful treat.

EASY-TO-READ PUZZLES AND Large-print type with plenty of space around the puzzles means that you won't strain your eyes as you solve them.

EXPAND YOUR Each puzzle is on a fascinating theme, and you're sure to learn new words as you as you go along.

EXERCISE YOUR Give your mind a great workout as you look for the hidden words, which may run forward or backward, up or down, or even diagonally.

REDUCE Feel your stress melt away as you focus on these satisfying puzzles.



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