Koro's Star - Claire Aramakutu

Koro's Star - Claire Aramakutu

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Set in the 1960s, Koro's Star is a heart-warming, exciting, adventure story.

It's the beginning of the summer holidays in 1967 when 10-year-old Atama moves with his family into a new army base. His father, Atama's hero, departs for Vietnam, asking Atama to look after his mum and his younger sister, Maia, while he's away. Atama is nervous about making friends at the new camp, so his dad leaves a surprise under his pillow: Koro's 1939-1945 star medal, handed down to Dad after his own father died during World War II.

Atama finds new friends but has to undergo an 'initiation' to become part of their club. Wearing Koro's medal around his neck, Atama hopes it will give him courage ... but is unprepared for what lies ahead, deep in the tunnels beneath the army base.



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