Internet Password Book - Modern Floral

Internet Password Book - Modern Floral

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Now that several major websites require changing one's password to a completely new series of numbers, letters, and characters after a certain period of time, keeping track of your Internet passwords is more important than ever.

A timely and valuable resource in the 'Age of the Hacker.' This essential notebook maintains your personal and financial safety. Record the necessarily complex passwords and user log-in names required to thwart hackers.

This time - and headache - saving logbook has numerous tabbed alphabetical pages to make looking up a website address and its corresponding log-in(s) and password(s) easy to manage.

Each entry has multiple locations to note new/changing log-ins or passwords, some notes about creating user names and passwords, Internet safety tips, locations to record software and hardware license numbers, home and business network settings, and more.

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