Inside New Zealand Wildlife - Dave Gunson

Inside New Zealand Wildlife - Dave Gunson

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Most New Zealanders can easily recognise our iconic kiwi, our spooky wētā, or our shy little blue penguin, but what lurks under the feathers or the outer shell? Does an earthworm have ‘guts’? Why does a spider need so many eyes? Does the flightless kiwi have any wings under all those feathers? Dave Gunson has drawn fascinating cross-section illustrations of some of our best-known species to see what’s going on in there, and to find out exactly what makes our native creatures tick! 

Inside New Zealand Wildlife takes a look at the insides of a broad selection of our native species— from the humble garden mushroom and other plants to, molluscs, crustaceans, insects, fish and birds, and on up to the food chain to our ocean mammals. 

The book offers a view of different ‘layers’ of our insides – with muscles, fat and body tissues, so that the internal organs, network of nerves and skeletons can be clearly observed, showing just how the animal is ‘built’. So . . . why not take a look INSIDE? 

The idea for Inside New Zealand Wildlife came to Gunson when he was working on another informative New Zealand wildlife book for children. He was reflecting on how by now he must have covered wildlife from A to Z, from top to bottom, side to side, inside and out . . . and oh, wait - inside??? Lightbulb moment! And so the idea for the book was born. 

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