Inside Bubble Earth: Recycling - Des Hunt

Inside Bubble Earth: Recycling - Des Hunt

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We are living in the age of plastic a substance that has changed our lives and made our waste management practices redundant.  How do we solve this problem?  And if we don’t what is the outcome?  Ends with actions the reader can take.  Highly illustrated, highly informative.


  • Introduction
  •  Human-Made
  •  Recycling
  •  Problems
  •  Organic 5
  • Future
  • Glossary and Endnotes

From the stone age to the age of plastic humans have been making and inventing more and more products to improve our health and wealth, but can we continue doing this in the future?  With more people and less usable land, recycling of materials will become essential in making sure that our plant has a sustainable future. 



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