Indigo Moon: Book 1 Eternity Loop Series - Eileen Merriman

Indigo Moon: Book 1 Eternity Loop Series - Eileen Merriman

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Kazuo Ishiguro meets the Hunger Games, following a new generation with enhanced powers and even more deadly challenges.

Book 1 of the gritty, fast-paced, thought-provoking Eternity Loop Series.

Promise you will never, ever mess with time . . .
Both Rigel and Indigo are Offspring, born to virally optimised parents. With dire warnings about the possible consequences of time travel, they have been forbidden from even thinking about it. But Indigo is bored — what could really go wrong? She longs for excitement, which she might just find with the mysterious stranger Billy Raven.

Meanwhile, Rigel has an odd feeling that he can’t shake off. Is it because his dad, Johnno (aka Phoenix), is off on another dangerous mission? Or is it because of what the Foundation did to his mum, Violet? Or is something else going on?

Only time will tell.


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