Incredible Journeys - Ned Barraud

Incredible Journeys - Ned Barraud

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Many New Zealand's animals make incredible journeys as part of their everyday lives. In this book from leading author and illustrator Ned Barraud, he uncovers the mystery behind where many of our animals go.

Toroa/albatross can spend years at sea roaming the windswept Southern Ocean, only coming ashore to breed. Koura/crayfish often undertake long walks along the seabed for hundreds of kilometres - no one really knows why.

Tuna/longfin eels leave our lakes and rivers to make one final journey into the Pacific Ocean, where they produce eggs for a new generation, before they die. And who would have thought that tawaki/Fiordland crested penguins would leave our southern coastline to travel up to 7000 kilometres in search of food.

These are only some of the fascinating stories of travel and migration in 'Incredible Journeys', an awe-inspiring book for any child interested in our wildlife.



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