I Will Make You Passionate About Exercise - Bevan James Eyles

I Will Make You Passionate About Exercise - Bevan James Eyles

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I Will Make You Passionate About Exercise was written to help people who currently don’t have exercise in their life, fall in love with it.

Are you not exercising? Do you know that you need to put some time into your health and fitness? Do you feel you can never enjoy exercise and even possibly hate it? Have you completely given up on having it in your life? What is the cost of this to you and the people around you?

Through helping thousands of people I have learned the fundamental lessons on what you need to succeed. It isn’t about achieving a 6 week challenge, it’s about laying the foundations that will create a lifetime love of exercise. This book gives you a ten step plan that wisely guides you from where you are now to a place where you’ll be healthier, fitter, leaner, have more energy, and feel great about yourself. You will become an inspiration to your friends, family and the people in your world with the achievements you will experience on this journey.

Get this book now if you want to have a lifetime love of exercise, improve your health, fitness and overall wellbeing.




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