How to Take a Breath - Tania Clifton-Smith

How to Take a Breath - Tania Clifton-Smith

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Learn how to breathe well for reduction in stress and anxiety, better sleep, clearer thinking and improved performance in sports and at work, written by an experienced clinical expert in breathing function.

Breathing well can bring about improvements in a surprising number of areas of your life. This skill is usually taken for granted. Surely you just breathe in ... and then you breathe out...? But experienced physiotherapist and breathing dysfunction specialist Tania Clifton-Smith has been helping people correct their breathing patterns for over 30 years and has seen at first hand what a difference it makes.
Includes chapters on: * Why breathe well?
* Self-awareness and self-checks
* The stress connection
* Meditation, mindfulness and breathing
* Why does breathing change?
* Recipe for breathing well
* Breathing well at different ages and stages
* Sports Performance and recovery
* Voice production
* Cough, hoick, spit
* Pain management
* Beyond the body and mind - a Maori perspective



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