How to Eat 30 Plants a Week: 100 recipes to boost your health and energy - Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

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'I love the way Hugh inspires us to eat more of the good stuff, and he's done it again brilliantly here.' JAMIE OLIVER

'Hugh translates the exciting science of the gut microbiome into something practical and easy. His beautifully diverse, plant-rich recipes are good for us and for the planet.' POPPY OKOTCHA

With an introduction by Tim Spector, bestselling author and founder of ZOE

30 plants may sound a lot, but in Hugh's expert hands it feels like an easy win, for the delicious meals as much as the incredible health benefits. Central to these is great gut health, and a foreword by gut-health guru Tim Spector explains why Hugh is bang on target to deliver the goods. And in racking up the plant power, you'll feel great, have renewed energy and reset your microbiome.

In chapters such as six packed soup and stoupsseven big saladsmeat and six vegfish fivers and tripe threat sides, Hugh shows you how to get many more plants on your plate, with people-pleasing plant-only dishes at the fore, as well as some humdingers with a little well-chosen meat or fish along for the ride. By plants, Hugh means fruit and veg and much more besides – including nutsseedspulsesgrainsherbsspiceschocolate and even coffee.

Recipes include:
· Purple shakshuka
· Shroomami soup
· Sichuan aubergine with tofu and black beans
· Caponata with chickpeas and apricots
· Goat's cheese and greens herby pie
· Tomato, rosemary and saffron baked rice
· Slow-roast Merguez-spiced shoulder of lamb
· Steak, charred little gem and spring onion salsa
· Roast ratatouille flatfish
· Cracking crab salad
· Kimchi and Kraut slaws
· Very berry ripple fro-yo
... and many more!

With plant ingredients numbered by chapter, and overlaps kept to a minimum, it's easy to keep a count and rack up your weekly plant score. Simply by choosing just a handful of recipes from the book, you will have nailed your 30 plants, and by adding an extra main, a treat or a pud, and a snack or a side, you'll be well on your way to 50 plants a week! With Hugh to show you the way, this isn't just going to be doable: it's going to be easy, it's going to be fun, and most of all it's going to be delicious.


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