How To Be An Explorer - Tiger Cox

How To Be An Explorer - Tiger Cox

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A practical guide to outdoor skills and crafts, designed to coax kids away from their screens and discover how to become intrepid explorers.

Mountaineers, seafarers, astronauts, cyclists, hikers, divers, gliders, aviators - even the most famous and daring explorers of all time began with small-scale adventures that gave them the courage and the ideas to pursue their greatest achievements.

This book aims to give young people the know-how and confidence to get out and about, with practical tasks and activities, mini-adventures, rustic crafts and by telling some truly inspiring tales of real-life explorers.

Throughout, Tiger gives us snippets and anecdotes from his own daring expeditions. Including step-by-step activities like how to light a fire, cooking on a fire, foraging, building shelters, filtering water, tying knots and reading the clouds, children can learn basic bushcraft and survival techniques to practise over and over again.

The unique craft activities; making wild maps, a racing raft and a kite will spark creativity and encourage imaginative play. Not just a valuable resource for learning practical skills, this is also a book to inspire dreams and show that they can come true with the right mindset, perseverance and resilience.

Highly illustrated spreads dotted through the book introduce a selection of real-life historical adventurers, such as Amelia Earheart and Matthew Henson, and describe how they came to accomplish such jaw-dropping feats.

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