Homecooked - Lucy Corry

Homecooked - Lucy Corry

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Everyday recipes for every New Zealand season and every occasion, this is real food for how we really live - our ingredients, our seasons and our way of life.

‘Lucy is a brilliant food writer. You will love her simple, seasonal and flavourful recipes, just as I do.’ (Nadia Lim)

"Whenever I see Lucy’s name on a recipe, I stop and read it. Even if I don’t get as far as the stove, I know it will be delicious to think about." (Lois Daish)

Beautiful, honest and useful, Homecooked is the debut by an award-winning food writer that satisfies our hunger for seriously cookable New Zealand recipes.

In this book, Lucy Corry shares hundreds of original recipes, inspired ideas and wise ways to use our flavoursome produce on every occasion, every day, through every season of the year.

Like Lucy’s popular Kitchenmaid site and ‘Three Ways With’ column, Homecooked is brilliantly written, funny and trustworthy, with an emphasis on using (and using up!) real, fresh and accessible ingredients.

This is enticing, truly good food that reconnects us to home.


Spring: Asparagus — Broad beans — Carrots — Chicken — Cream — Eggs — New potatoes — Strawberries — Whitebait — Foraging — Spring feasts

Summer: Beans — Courgettes — Cucumbers — Eggplant — Fish — Tinned Fish — Lamb — Peppers — Stonefruit — Sweetcorn — Tomatoes — Salad days — Summer drinks — Summer feasts

Autumn: Apples and pears — Feijoas — Fennel — Figs — Mushrooms — Nuts — Onions — Pork — Pumpkin — Condensed milk — Autumn feasts

Winter: Beef — Brassicas — Celery — Chocolate — Citrus — Kumara — Lentils — Frozen peas — Potatoes — Porridge — Black Doris plums — Winter feasts



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