Garlic, Olive Oil + Everything Else - Daen Lia

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Daen Lia's stunning modern Mediterranean dishes have taken social media by storm thanks to their show-stopping textures and bold flavours. This much-anticipated cookbook is the essential collection of her recipes for lovers of olive oil, garlic, butter and all things delicious.

Every dish is iconic, from Daen's famous crumbed chicken (that almost broke the internet) and the only bolognese recipe you'll ever need, to fluffy focaccia, perfect bagels and mouth-watering sandwiches, chilli and other flavoured oils for the pantry, and must-have condiments such as confit garlic, which will change your cooking game entirely.

This confident collection heralds Daen's arrival as Australia's new go-to food personality for Mediterranean classics with a fresh, modern, everyday twist.

Recipes include: Italian-style chilli oil, Cheesy roasted garlic bread, Garlic butter crispy smashed potatoes, Popcorn eggplant, Grilled peach, tomato and burrata salad with basil olive oil, Pesto Genovese with ricotta gnocchi, One-pan crispy chicken thighs with caramelised onions & Slow-roasted lamb shoulder with garlic confit and anchovy paste.


With an enormous worldwide social media following, Daen Lia - dubbed 'the Olive Oil Girl' online - has established herself as one of Australia's most popular digital food creators. Taking inspiration from her Spanish and Italian heritage and global travels, Daen's generous, accessible recipes celebrate bold flavours and fresh ingredients, bringing a youthful, modern twist to Mediterranean classics.

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