Gardening in New Zealand Month by Month (Updated) - Dennis Greville

Gardening in New Zealand Month by Month (Updated) - Dennis Greville

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New Zealand’s benign climate creates superb growing conditions for flowers, fruit and vegetables, so it’s no wonder that Kiwis love to turn their garden into a slice of paradise. Gardening enthusiasts will be able to pick up Dennis Greville’s highly practical and beautifully illustrated gardening book and find some instant inspiration, and improvements they can make to their garden.

The book is structured around the four seasons, starting with spring, and each season is broken down into three months. Each month follows a standardised structure, with regular entries on feeding and watering; dealing with pests; and tending flowers, lawns, fruit trees, and vegetables. Among these are ‘how to do it’ panels on special tasks such as planting rose bushes or making your own fertilisers, as well as regular panels listing key tasks and opportunities for the month at hand.

The content is written with the eco-friendly gardener in mind, and where possible Dennis proposes natural solutions rather than harmful chemicals. His voice of experience makes this book an authoritative, month-by-month manual to achieving garden excellence.

A regular contributor over the years to several magazines, including New Zealand Gardener, Dennis Greville (1947-2012) also had a number of gardening books to his credit, including Get Fresh, Colourful Gardens and Salads Year-round, also published by New Holland



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