Fool Me Twice - Benjamin Stevenson

Fool Me Twice - Benjamin Stevenson

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Two fiendishly twisty crime stories from the author of international bestsellers Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone and Everyone on This Train Is a Suspect.

A crime fiction double bill, from the master of brainteasing thrillers Benjamin Stevenson.

There is a small yellow backpack – contents strewn around it, abandoned on a suburban footpath. There are the tracks of tyres coming to an end at a crippled stop sign.

Anyone walking past can feel the prickle on the back of their necks that tells them something happened here: a vehicle careening to a halt., a child’s backpack left in a hurry. Then they see two words, hastily scrawled on the sidewalk. Written in blood.

Seven strangers are invited to compete to win a clifftop mansion. The rules are simple: each contestant must have at least one hand in contact with one part of the house at all times. The last one to take their hand off, wins the house.

Then, after 36 hours, a contestant is murdered. And soon they start to realise that it may not be the last person to leave the house that wins it, it may be the last person alive.

A locked room mystery where the door is open, but no-one wants to walk through it.


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