Flying Furballs Take-Off! - Donovan Bixley

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NZ author

Inspired by the the adventure annuals of the 50s and 60s, Flying Furballs Take-off! is a large format full-colour collection of stories and fun facts, comprising of:

  • An exciting 25 page full-colour comic (split over 4 sections)
  • Maps and character bios
  • How to draw Flying Furballs characters
  • A look and find spread
  • Cut-away diagrams of iconic WW1 aircraft
  • Puzzling problems with the code-crackers at Barkly Park
  • Funnies and comic strips
  • Dogfight tactics and manoeuvres, and …
  • An outrageous new stand alone Furballs story – an excerpt from Major Tom’s Autobiography High as a Kite.

Crammed with illustrations, hilarious antics, hair-raising aerobatic action and amazing facts and diagrams, Flying Furballs Take-off! is everything you’d expect from a Donovan Bixley book. It is a fun introduction to the world of Flying Furballs for readers new to the existing nine chapter books, and a great continuation of the series for existing fans.




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