Fledgewitch: A Dragons of Hallow Book 2 - Lian Tanner

Fledgewitch: A Dragons of Hallow Book 2 - Lian Tanner

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There are no witches, no dragons and no secrets in Quill, so how can Brim be trapped in the School for Prevention of Witches with Rose, a royal dragon with an injured foot, and a large mystery to untangle? A delightfully pleasing whimsical fantasy adventure with more knots and snarls than a skein of wool, suitable for readers who love the books of Cressida Cowell or Katrina Nannestad. 

Here are the three Laws of Quill, carved in stone outside every town hall, and learnt by every schoolchild:
There shall be No Witches.
There shall be No Dragons.
There shall be NO SECRETS.

Ten-year-old Brim has been sent to the Quillian School for Prevention of Witches, but she's sure it's a mistake. It's true that she has tiny feathers sprouting from her elbows, and that she's the only person who remembers the odd-looking calf that has been following her. But she is most definitely Not a Witch.

Meanwhile, Queen Rose of Hallow has received reports of a secret weapon in the mountains of Quill, and goes to investigate. Alone. Luckily, she's not just a twelve-year-old girl with red hair and a wilful nature. She is also a dragon.

Before long, Rose and Brim find themselves trapped in Quill, in the worst possible danger. Just a witch, a dragon and a LOT of secrets.

A bewitching tale of bravery, betrayal and one very forgettable horned glob, from the award-winning author of Rita's Revenge and Spellhound.




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