Finding Your People: The ultimate guide to friendship - Alexandra Hourigan & Sally McMullen

Finding Your People: The ultimate guide to friendship - Alexandra Hourigan & Sally McMullen

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A relatable guide to finding, keeping and saying goodbye to friendships, from the twin-flame hosts of the hit podcast Two Broke Chicks.

Despite living in a world where instant communication is at our fingertips, it sometimes feels harder than ever to make meaningful connections. There's an overwhelming focus on romantic partners, but frankly, we're sick of platonic relationships missing out on the hype.

Friendships are some of the most significant relationships you'll ever have, and navigating conflict, miscommunication and new life phases is part and parcel of holding on to really good mates.

After seven years in an unholy union as best friends, twin flames and platonic soulmates, Sal and Al from Two Broke Chicks share what they've learned to help you find, keep and say goodbye to the friendships in your life.

Whether you're struggling to balance your social life, worried your pals don't like your new partner, unsure how to deal with that toxic friend, or simply at a loss as to how to make friends as an adult, consider this book your brand new bestie.

'This book is a tonic. Al and Sal masterfully centre friendship and navigate the complexities of platonic love in all of the ways it deserves to be valued and seen.' Hannah Ferguson, author of Bite Back

'Feels like you're having a convo with your bestie over a vino!' Lucy and Nikki, hosts of the Happy Hour with Lucy and Nikki podcast

'The girls find a way to breakdown friendships in an honest and relatable manner, offering real tools to help you have the quality friendships you dream of.' Alexis Fernandez -Preiksa, author of The Neuroscience of Self-Love

'The ultimate companion guide for friendship in your 20s, 30s and beyond. A must read!' Jemma Sbeg, host of The Psychology of Your 20s podcast



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