Fabulous Friend! Perpetual Calendar

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Show a fabulous friend how much their friendship really means to you.   Includes 365 quotes on friendship and quotes and affirmations to remind them what an amazing and fantastic person they are. 


"There are many wonderes in this world and your friendship is one of them!  Having you as a friend brings sunshine and joy and makes the world a warmer place.  This book will remind you every day just how fabulous you are."


The gift that keeps on giving - no years printed on pages so it can be reused and reloved year after year.


  • DIMENSIONS: Each page is 130mm wide x 102mm tall.
  • Hard cover with white wiro binding and sturdy easel stand.
  • Large spiral for easy flipping.
  • Colourful designs on every page.
  • 365 quotes on friendship and being amazing. 
  • FSC approved paper.

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