Every Little Hippo Can - Giles Andreae & Guy Parker-Ree

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From the creators of the internationally bestselling Giraffes Can't Dance comes an empowering story about a little hippo who discovers that success often requires a little patience, and simply TRYING can bring its own unexpected rewards . . .

"It's not that you CAN'T DO IT . . .

. . . You just can't do it YET."

Horace the hippo and his sister Hope love going to the lake every day with their granny.  But the long walk has become a little too long for Granny.  So Horace and Hope make a plan to bring the lake to her instead.  But little Horace can't carry as much water as his sister, and he always comes back with an empty bucket.  Can Granny help him to see that, with every little splash and spill, an even more wonderful gift is growing?



Soft cover

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