Every Home Should Have One! - Terry Moyle

Every Home Should Have One! - Terry Moyle

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Every Home Should Have One celebrates New Zealand appliance history. The revolutionary washing machine, radios, Irons and of course our High-Definition TV sets. They are all covered.

Contains over 250 full-colour photographs, not only of the appliances but also how they featured in a house setting. Fun extracts of classic advertisements and a lively and engaging narrative.

The book will have a wide appeal to New Zealanders who enjoy nostalgia, families wanting to show their grandkids what was on trend in their day, retro enthusiasts. Covers a 50 year period from 1938 to 1988 when New Zealand manufacturers such as Zip, Shacklock and Fisher & Paykel transformed our lives.

Author Terry Moyle knows his stuff, he has spent many hours finding and photographing hundreds of appliances to bring this book to life.

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