Enjoy: Food Worth Sharing With The People You Love - Kelly Gibney

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Kelly Gibney's second cookbook, Enjoy, introduces more of her signature wholefood-driven dishes, with a touch of nostalgic comfort. It celebrates the joy of bringing people together, and the triumph of finding a recipe that everyone around the table, big or small, can enthuse about and look forward to.

Enjoy champions the simple everyday meals we share with those closest to us. It is full of inspiring ideas for vibrant, easy dinners, fresh and colourful salads, comforting soups and desserts that will utterly delight; all delivered in Kelly's warm and chatty style.

Cooked and stylishly photographed in Kelly's home, this book is personal and heartfelt and will inspire cooks to find new family favourites of their own to cook again and again (and again and again).





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