Emma Dodd Collection

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Hardcover picture books from international bestseller Emma Dodd, with themes of gratitude and kindness. These beautifully illustrated, joyous stories would make a wonderful gift or are perfect for sharing with little readers as a bedtime story as part of daily affirmations.

The Little Things - A giant panda and its adorable cub discover the importance of helping others. The perfect gift for young and old, this warm story with beautiful illustrations celebrates small acts of kindness and that it's often the smallest things that bring joy and contentment.

I Believe in Me - I believe in me, I'm as good as all the rest. I know I can do anything if I just try my best. A baby crocodile learns that having faith in yourself is super important, and opens up a whole new world. The perfect gift for young and old, this uplifting and inspirational book with stunning art celebrates self-confidence and self-belief.

Spread Your Wings - A baby cockatoo learns that there is a big wide world out there to explore.
As we snuggle here together,
gazing at the sky,
I know that soon the day will come
when you'll spread your wings and fly.

Hard cover

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