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Welcome to Dreamfarm. We are an award-winning Australian design company that creates new and incredibly useful kitchen tools and gadgets.

We design products that solve problems. All of our products have functional differences that make them work better than anything else on the planet. You'll love our range because our products are high quality, useful, beautiful, and each have a moment of magic when they do something amazing that you’ve never seen before.

BBQ Chopula - BBQ Chopula is a flexible stainless steel spatula that is serrated for cutting.

    Chopula - Chopula is a spatula that's thin and flexible for flipping, and strong for chopping.

    Supoon - Supoon is a silicone spoon that scoops, measures and scrapes the bowl clean.

    Fluicer - Fluicer is an easy squeeze citrus juicer that folds completely flat for space-saving storage.

    Sharple - Sharple is a peeler that automatically sharpens itself every time its cover is opened or closed.

    Kneed - Kneed is an everyday knife that cuts, spreads, and will never rust in the dishwasher.

    Lestrain - Lestrain is a scoop strainer that catches its own drips and sits up off your counter.



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