Don't Scare The Dentist

Don't Scare The Dentist - Sam Smith

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'Get your teeth into this funny book. It will make you smile.' - Dame Joy Cowle


Join Dr Charlie as he faces his biggest fear ... a child in his dental chair.

Charlie hated children,

their howls, their shouts, their screams.

Their burps and farts and coughs and snots

would haunt him in his dreams.

The sharpness of their gnashers

was enough to make you quit.

Just get a finger near their teeth

and CHOMP! You would get bit!


Will Dr Charlie get over his fear? This brilliant picture book will leave readers ready to help their dentist become less fearful of children and teach them how to care for their teeth between visits.

From dentist/comedian Sam Smith and illustrator Daron Parton comes the next must-have book for your collection.

' A must read before you visit the dentist! A fun story with great tips!' - Dr Heather Anderson, Specialist Paediatric Dentist


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