DK The Most Exciting Book Of Science, Inventions & Space Ever - Brainwaves

DK The Most Exciting Book Of Science, Inventions & Space Ever - Brainwaves

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Travel with mischievous cartoon guides, the Brainwaves, in this book of science through a range of mindblowing STEM topics

Meet the Brainwaves, hilarious little mischief-makers who will be your guides to a marvellous range of mindblowing science topics!  These pint-sized pals will jump aboard the invention of the car, take you on a madcap holiday to Mars and outer space, and will even shrink down to atomic level to explore the most basic building blocks of science.

The Most Exciting Book of Science, Inventions, and Space Ever has a bunch of scientific discoveries that kids aged 8-12 will love to learn about - from the wisest and wackiest inventions the world has ever seen to the adventures of pioneering astronauts, plus all the core information they need to know, such as the periodic table, energy, forces, and matter.  Each exciting illustrated adventure is packed with amazing facts and core information to learn about - from why gravity sucks to how the Industrial Revolution was powered.

This STEM book for children features:

- Step by step guides that give precise detail on scientific discoveries, planets, inventions and more!
- Quirky characters deliver witty facts and asides, with a special new character to look out for in each part of the bind-up.
- Mini biographies and profiles of key figures, events, and features.
- Key subject areas, such as science and space that are presented in an inventive and whimsical way.

With a host of colourful characters offering entertaining insights on each subject, the Brainwaves will both delight children's eyes and broaden their knowledge.  Even the most reluctant readers will be absorbed, by hysterical artworks teeming with tiny, wise-cracking Brainwaves that bring each topic to life and make facts fun.  Through their zany antics, readers can take a fantastical foray into a range of fields, learning about science, space, and discovering more than 300 inventions. 



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