DK My Book of the Elements: A Fact-Filled Guide to the Periodic Table - Adrian Dingle

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An informative book that explores the elements that make up our world and the science that defines them

A perfect first book for any child interested in chemistry and the world around them. My Book of the Elements is a wonderful introduction to the periodic table. Covering all the elements, from the unreactive to the radioactive, as well as key science topics, such as states of matter, this visual book is something that every young science enthusiast will want to own.

This series is written by an expert author. It is not only a source of information you can trust, but one that is age-appropriate and supports your child's schoolwork. From Hydrogen to Oganesson, each element is explored in detail, with information on properties and use cases, as well as fun facts. As well as this, eye-catching images are augmented with friendly illustrations, giving the reader plenty to take in and enjoy.


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