Dare To Retire Free - Kristin Sutherland & Di Murphy

Dare To Retire Free - Kristin Sutherland & Di Murphy

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Dare to Retire Free is the ultimate guide to achieving a fulfilled retirement. 

This book is for you if you are struggling with the transition to retirement or retirement itself.  It is the definitive guide to creating a plan for this major life change.  The book has many tips and covers a wide range of topics designed to help you make SMART decisions and plan for your retirement.

  • Plan for the best years of your life by:
  • Identifying what gives you your sense of worth and purpose.
  • Anticipating potential relationship issues that my arise and plans to avoid them.
  • Mapping your social network - to plan for support networks and friends following retirement.
  • The importance of health and exercise in retirement.
  • Planning your day to avoid common issues such as loss of structure and purpose.
  • Utilizing your existing skills in retirement or learning new ones.
  • Explore work options - volunteering, part time work, consulting
  • Evaluating downsizing options

By the end of Dare to Retire Free walk away with your plan to achieve happiness and fulfilment for the next 30 or so years and become and Elder - wise, well-traveled through life, and deeply experienced.


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