Crookhaven Book 3: The Island Heist - J J Arcanjo

Crookhaven Book 3: The Island Heist - J J Arcanjo

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The third book in the irresistible series about chosen family, high stakes thievery, and what it really means to do good. Perfect for fans of M.G. Leonard and Anthony Horowitz.

It's Gabriel's third year at Crookhaven School for Thieves. Along with the usual Break-In challenge - this year to Reclamation island - and difficult new classes like Signs & Signals, Gabriel and his friends have another goal: taking down the Nameless.

The Nameless are the very worst type of criminals - they steal, trick and kidnap for their own benefit, rather than to do good in the world. Each member of Gabriel's crew has a very personal reason for wanting to take the Nameless down - but what can a group of underage school children do compared to the most powerful crew of the underworld?

Luckily, there might be something hidden at Crookhaven that could help them. But first they have to find it...

The third book in the 'criminally good' Crookhaven series, the secret school where students are taught to do wrong, so that one day, they can put the world to rights.

Recommended age 9+



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