Critters of Aotearoa - Nicola Toki & Lily Duval

Critters of Aotearoa - Nicola Toki & Lily Duval

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50 Bizarre But Lovable Members of Our Wildlife Community

Meet some of our most curious critters, from the popular Radio New Zealand podcast with Nicola Toki and Jesse Mulligan.

Slimy, stinky, creepy, crawly and gross . . . but also a little bit cute!

Discover New Zealand’s most curious creatures — from Smeagol the gravel maggot, to the walking worm and the drooping blobfish — with Nicola Toki from the hit Radio New Zealand show ‘Critter of the Week’ as your guide. Featuring 50 illustrated profiles of Aotearoa’s weird and wonderful critters, and an introduction by Jesse Mulligan, this book proves that sometimes nature’s best stories are the ones you have to work a little harder to uncover.

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