Crane Guy - A game of I Spy from up high - Sally Sutton

Crane Guy - A game of I Spy from up high - Sally Sutton

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Let's see all the things we can spy, high above the city with Crane Guy!

Spend the day with Crane Guy and see how many things you can spy from up high in his crane.

Crane Guy, up so high,
Building towers in the sky,
Tell me, tell me what you spy.
Something beginning with . . .

Join Crane Guy for a game of I Spy up high in a crane - how many things can you see that begin with the letter B? Or S? Or P?

This superb rhyming picture book by acclaimed author Sally Sutton and illustrator Sarah Wilkins makes a very fun game of learning letters and their sounds. Readers will love exploring the gorgeously detailed city scenes over and over again.

Bustling with people, construction machines and vehicles of all kinds, Crane Guy is perfect for all young children obsessed with ‘up high’ places!



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