Craft Maker Rustic Pottery Kit - Hinkler

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Stunning homeware is at your fingertips with our Craft Maker Rustic Pottery Kit.  Immerse yourself in this meditative, mindful craft with the 24-page book which comes with four easy-to-follow projects.
Use the clay, glazes, sponge and tool provided to make your own speckled finished jug.  The jug can be air-dried for an instant result, or taken to a kiln for longer-lasting love.  Then, get inspired to shape and sculpt your own creations and indulge in blissful moments of clay play.

• Kit includes: 24-page book, stoneware clay, clear glaze, black underglaze, a sponge and a wooden carving tool.

• Kit materials make one speckled finished jug.

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