Agnes and the Sheep - Elle Rowley & Clare Therese Gray

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What an absolute delight - I love this book.  Sara


A charming but amusing picture book series for children aged 3-5, that follows a Great Dane called Agnes and some sheep who love to cause mischief

Join Agnes and the sneaky sheep as they finally muster the courage to venture indoors, in this cheeky yet charming children's story.

When the humans go out for the day, leaving their dog, Agnes, and the sheep alone at the house, the animals decide to take advantage of this opportunity.  The sheep had always wondered what it would be like inside that huge, warm home and this was their chance to find out.  With the help of Agnes, the sheep set off on their big day out.  They explore the lounge, the kitchen, and even the bathroom, but when the humans return home things soon turn to chaos.

Follow Agnes and her funny, farmyard friends as they head off on an exciting adventure to find out what life is like inside the house.  With adorable illustrations, and a cheeky yet charming story, this picture book is sure to put a smile on your child's face.

Agnes and the Sheep is a delightful tale that teaches its young readers that the grass isn't always greener on the other side!




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