Cook Me : 30 dishes/3 ways, 90 lip-smacking recipes! - Sam Parish

Cook Me : 30 dishes/3 ways, 90 lip-smacking recipes! - Sam Parish

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This is a cookbook with the freedom to choose. 30 dishes cooked 3 ways giving you 90 uncomplicated recipes with maximum of flavour and minimum of fuss. For each dish Sam has 3 versions:

1. Slap it together: These are Sam's 'hack-style' recipes that are even more minimum fuss than usual. This one's all about putting convenience and flavour first and getting you a result with the smallest effort required. Cooking smart not hard and reaping the rewards in mouthfuls of deliciousness. A quick game's a good game.

2. Go to: These are Sam's ride-or-die, tried-and-true recipes that are on heavy rotation at her place and will never go out of style. From fish burgers, to egg and shrooms on doorstop toast to flexi vegan banana bread (yes totes a thing) they've been developed by Sam along the years to be the best of the best. The first recipe she reaches for when cooking the chosen dish. These are the recipes that make Sam COOK and she hopes inspires you to as well.

3. Long game: These are Sam's not-so-fast, not-so-casual recipes. Sometimes we do have a bit more time up our sleeves and want to go the full nine yards. These recipes have elements that require a little more effort but are worth it for the result - and fear not! They still have a minimum of fuss approach to see us learning something new but not being chained to the stove for seven hours. Cause let's be honest, ain't nobody got time for that.

From SAMwiches, to schnitties, cakes to crumbles this is a cookbook for a new generation of cooks and eaters who want food stuffed to the absolute brim with flavour whilst also scaled in the amount of effort required This book solves that problem so as to say, we totally get you're busy so here are some options. Not giving 1 recipe for a burger but giving 3. This adds a human element to the book as it becomes a choice for the cook to fit to their lifestyle.

It's a tasty choice sensation, ready to fit in with you. It's called COOK ME for a reason, so grab your spoon and le go!


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